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Brick Siding and stone siding work done by masonry contractors Palatine

Give your home the classic American look

Brick is a masonry material that helped change the world because of its beauty and durability.

Americans love brick siding because it gives their home a beautiful, timeless look. It’s a material that’ll last so long your grandchildren can comfortably live in the same house you’re in right now.

We’ve been building homes using brick for centuries, and many of those early buildings are still standing beautifully.

You can believe our brick installation service will make your house look incredible, no matter whether you’re building a new one or updating the aesthetic of your current one.

Let’s give your home the American look.

About Gromex Masonry Inc

Hi, my name is Karl Kras, owner, and founder of Gromex Masonry Inc.

Our family-owned business has been meeting the masonry needs of our Chicago community since our founding in 2003.

It all started because I like making people happy and I like to build and create. This makes working on people’s homes the perfect business for me.

The best part is seeing the smiles and looks of wonder on our client’s faces; it fills our team with joy.

Karl Owner

Our Masonry Services

Gromex Masonry Inc. offers the following masonry work services to our neighbors in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Give your home a beautiful look that can last for generations.

Add the finishing detail to your home's interior or exterior.

Create a space that brings your family closer together.

Keep your home and belongings safe and looking amazing.

Keep your family safe by making sure your home is sound.

Bring a sophisticated look to your home and create an inviting walkway.

Put a beautiful Masonry finishing detail on and in your home

Sometimes the look of your home has an incompleteness to it. It’s like your eyes can see what’s missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The solution is only a stone veneer installation project away.

You can finally pull up to your home and feel like it looks complete. This means no more seeing that concrete block foundation, dated siding, etc.

You can also give your fireplace a natural stone look. This facelift can help your family better relax in a space with more character and style.

Let’s update your home to have the look you need it to have with our masonry Chicago work.

dark brick Veneer installation on an exterior of the house
Fireplace installation from natural stone bricks in the living room

Create a space where people can come together

Brick or stone fireplaces have always been where people gather together for warmth, comfort, and togetherness.

This makes them one of the best places to spend time with your loved ones. Just like when you’re sitting around a campfire with your loved ones, a home fireplace can help bring you and your loved ones closer together.

The best part is it’s all happening in the comfort of your own home, the home where you’ve been making other precious memories with your family and friends.

Let’s create a space where your loved ones can come closer together.


Here's a brief overview of the steps we'll go through to help you and your family fully love the look of your home and to feel safe in it.

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Now it’s time for us to work our masonry magic and make your house feel more like home.

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love your home

Enjoy the new look of your home or the peace of mind that comes with your masonry work project.

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Take a look at some of the masonry services your neighbors in Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, have brought us in to do for them.


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