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Brick Siding and stone siding work done by masonry contractors Palatine

Give Your Home The Classic American Look

Brick is a masonry material that has contributed to world change because of its beauty and toughness.

Americans like brick siding since it gives their properties a lovely, classic appearance. It’s a product that will endure so long that your grandkids might peacefully live in the same home you do now.

Masonry near Kenilworth, IL work has been used to construct houses for hundreds of years, and many of the first ones are still magnificently standing today.

Whether you’re constructing a new home or changing the appeal of your existing one, you can be sure that our brick installation or tuckpointing Kenilworth service will make your property seem amazing.
Allow our masonry contractors Kenilworth give your house an American appearance.

About Gromex Masonry Inc

The proprietor and creator of Gromex Masonry Inc. are me, Karl Kras.

Since our company’s start in 2003, we have been supplying the masonry requirements of the Kenilworth neighborhood with tuckpointing near me services, but also fireplace installation, repair, chimney installation, chimney repair Kenilworth, brick veneer, and general masonry repair Kenilworth.

It all began because I like building, creating, and making other people happy. Because of this, I’m great at working on people’s houses.

The greatest aspect is watching the astonishment and grins on our customers’ faces; it gives our masonry contractors Kenilworth motivation to keep going.

Photo of Karl Kras the Owner of Gromex

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Chimney Repair Near Me: Enhancing Safety and Home Performance

Chimney problems can be hard to ignore, especially when visible defects like cracking or tilting are present.

Additionally, leaks of water or smoke can be hazardous, as they may enter the room instead of exiting through the chimney.

Rather than neglecting one of your home’s most significant features, opt for our chimney repair near Kenilworth, IL service.

By doing so, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is in good condition and your fireplace is safe to use. Regular chimney inspections can also prevent potential disasters, such as collapses or other hazards.

Keep your residence secure and your chimney in working order by scheduling a chimney inspection today.

Small brick chimney before chimney repair Palatine