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Brick Siding and stone siding work done by masonry contractors Palatine

Give Your Home The Classic American Look

Because of its beauty and durability, brick is a building material that has contributed to reshaping the globe.

Americans like brick siding because it adds a wonderful, timeless aesthetic to their homes. It’s an element that will survive so long that your descendants will be able to live in the same home you are today.
We’ve been using brick to construct houses for centuries, and many of those early structures are still standing proudly.

You can rely on our brick masonry tuckpointing Wilmette or masonry repair services will make your property appear amazing, enhancing the look of a current home.

Allow our masonry contractors Wilmette give your house an American feel.

About Gromex Masonry Inc

Hello, I’m Karl Kras, the company’s owner, and founder.

Since our foundation in 2003, our family-owned company has been serving the Wilmette community’s masonry requirements such as tuckpointing near me service, but also brick veneer, fireplace repair, installation, chimney repair Wilmette, installation, and any masonry repair Wilmette related service.

My desire to construct and create things sprang from my desire to make other people happy. Because of this, fixing people’s houses is the ideal line of employment for me.

The finest part is watching our clients’ grins and expressions of astonishment; it makes our masonry contractors Wilmette happy.

Photo of Karl Kras the Owner of Gromex

Masonry Contractors Wilmette: How We Work



During the consultation, we will assess your needs to understand the issue at hand. Our masonry contractors Wilmette will listen to your concerns and provide you with professional advice on the best course of action.



No matter the project, our masonry contractors Wilmette will provide you with a detailed action plan. Whether it’s tuckpointing near me or masonry restoration, we’ll explain the steps we’ll take to complete the job successfully.



We will take care of everything from scheduling to the most appropriate way to manage the work on your brick or stonework. Our team of professionals will ensure that every aspect of the project is taken care of.



Our team will take care of everything from scheduling to managing the masonry near Wilmette, IL work on your brickwork. We’ll create a detailed plan to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction and within the agreed-upon timeframe.

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Chimney Repair Near Me: Protect and Enhance Your Home's Well-Being

When there is a problem with your chimney, it is difficult not to notice.

There are visible fractures, tilting, and other issues. There may even be water spilling into your house or smoke blowing into the room rather than out the ceiling. Instead of neglecting one of your home’s finest aspects, you may use our chimney repair Winnetka service!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your house looks excellent and that you can safely utilize your fireplace. It is also comforting to know that your chimney will not collapse.

Let’s maintain your house secure and your chimney in good operational order with expert chimney repair near Wilmette, IL.

Small brick chimney before chimney repair Palatine

Why Choose Our Masonry Contractors Wilmette

We Have The Experience You Need

Our expert masonry contractors Wimette based have years of experience in the field. Our experience and expertise ensure that you receive the highest standards of quality service. You can trust us to handle any situation that arises with confidence.

We Use Only Top-Quality Materials

We know that using substandard materials will only result in a substandard product. We make it our priority to use only the highest quality materials available. We never cut corners, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible masonry nearby Wilmette, IL work.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At our company, your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not pleased with our work, we'll make it right. We promise to deliver nothing short of excellent and exceptional results.