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Brick Siding and stone siding work done by masonry contractors Palatine

Give Your Home A Traditional American Look

Brick is a strong and gorgeous building material that has helped change the world in important ways. Brick siding is popular with American homeowners because it gives their homes a classic, timeless look. Its durability means that many generations will be able to live in the same house in comfort.

Brick masonry has been used to build homes for hundreds of years, and many of those homes still look great today. Our masonry contractors Barrington can completely change the look of your home, whether you’re building a new one or just require tuckpointing near me service.

With our skillful brick construction services, our masonry contractors Barrington can assist in giving your home the iconic American look you’ve always sought.

About Gromex Masonry Inc

Since 2003, the family-run firm Gromex Masonry Inc. has offered high-quality masonry services.

They specialize in masonry, brick veneer, fireplace installation and repair, chimney repair Barrington, and tuckpointing Barrington services.

Karl Kras, the company’s creator, established it with a love of constructing and creating things as well as a desire to make others happy. The Barrington-based mason and paving contractor Barrington team takes satisfaction in witnessing their customers’ grins and expressions of awe since it confirms that they have done a wonderful job.

You can depend on Gromex Masonry Inc. to provide top-notch service and stunning results if you want any masonry near Barrington, IL work.

Photo of Karl Kras the Owner of Gromex

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Chimney Repair Near Me: Ensure Your Home's Safety and Efficiency

Ignoring chimney problems can be risky and costly in the long run. Visible defects like tilting or cracking can pose serious hazards, as well as leaks of water or smoke that seep into your living space.

Don’t let these issues persist and compromise the safety and functionality of your home’s chimney. During our chimney repair near Barrington, IL service, we offer professional chimney inspections.

We can identify any issues and provide the necessary repairs to ensure that your chimney is safe and efficient. You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe, and your chimney is working properly.

You can use your fireplace freely, without any worries about the chimney’s stability or performance.

Small brick chimney before chimney repair Palatine