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Brick Veneer For Exterior Walls

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Brick veneers are among the most popular external wall options for homes worldwide, partially because of their design flexibility. Homeowners can choose from dozens of different exterior brick veneer colors, but with all these options available, narrowing down one or two palette options can feel impossible. Luckily, many masonry companies are willing to help in choosing your perfect match. Once you find your perfect fit, the expert construction team will install it for you.

  1. Can you combine two colors doing your brick veneer? Let’s find out what combinations are the most popular.
  2. What about contrasting brick veneers? Read on and learn if it’s a good idea.

Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas

First, let’s take a look at a selection of popular exterior brick paint color ideas to help you customize your home. Single-colored brick veneers can give your home an elegant accent wall. The cooler and more versatile shades are strong candidates to wrap around your entire house.


Red brick veneers have a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic that will instantly heighten your home’s curb appeal. Its uniformity and classic appearance might be boring for more adventurous home remodelers, but there’s a reason that red bricks have maintained their popularity for decades. Despite red’s typically aggressive tone and brick’s rugged appearance, red brick veneers are approachable and versatile enough to fit any aesthetic.


White brick tiles have gained popularity recently for their contemporary aesthetic and cleanliness. White is soft and warm and complements the shades of gray and black that dominate today’s modern designs. While white brick doesn’t have the universal appeal of red brick veneers, it makes a great color for an accent wall or as an addition to houses attempting to mesh brick and paint. 


Terracotta is a more popular color for interiors than for exterior brick veneers. However, its faded tone makes it excellent for homeowners looking to bring rustic curb appeal to their houses. Although they aren’t a natural pair with most colors, terracotta brick veneer accent walls stand out beautifully as a complement to white homes.


Gray brick veneers have a similar appeal to white ones. They have a smooth, contemporary style that fits well with modern homes, and their neutral tone gives houses a clean appearance. While gray isn’t as compatible with other exterior brick veneer colors as white, its cool shade makes it a worthy candidate to cover your entire home.

many exterior brick paint colors ideas

Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations

One significant advantage of a brick veneer wall is that you’re not limited to just one color. You can choose a real brick veneers with multiple colors that can match your most expressive design visions. A multi-colored brick veneer with a well-balanced color ratio can work as an accent or cover for your entire home. The exterior brick veneer color combinations below are the most popular selections for residential properties.

Red and Black

Red and black brick veneers combine the timeless look of red bricks with the elegance of black bricks, which are also a natural complement to red. Although red and black brick veneers might not work as accents on homes with lighter paint shades, the classic pairing looks good on its own or as a complement to homes with darker tones.

Dark Green and Black

Dark green is a popular exterior paint color now gaining popularity as a brick veneer. When you pair it with black bricks as a secondary color, the green will pop and create a unique aesthetic. Even though green and black contrast, they work well together because their opposite tones make each other stand out. Additionally, since green and black are popular house colors, combining them can heighten your curb appeal even more.  

Cream and Purple

Though untraditional, pairing cream-colored brick veneers with purple as a secondary color will give your home a unique, stunning appearance. Cream’s neutrality makes it a great fit as a primary house color. It has slightly more depth than white but doesn’t stand out too much to be too jarring as a dominant shade. On the other hand, purple brick veneers add vibrancy to your home that you should use sparingly. But, they are also a perfect complement to cream.

examples of brick veneer colors for exterior walls

Brick Veneer Colors

Speaking of contrasts, brick veneers with light and dark brick tiles are an odd pairing that works well as exterior brick veneer colors. When balanced with a light shade as a primary color and a dark shade as secondary, brick veneers have enough color depth to capture attention without being overwhelming. White and black or white and gray are the two obvious pairings, but you can get creative with whatever specific contrasting colors you want. In addition, you can use a single-colored brick veneer with a light shade to cover most of your home and a dark single-colored veneer as an accent.  

Soft yellow shades work well as primary house colors for their natural warmth. Despite not being as bright as most yellow tones, pastel yellow brick veneers mimic sunlight to give your property an inviting appearance. When using yellow brick veneers as a primary color, you can add a cool shade of gray as a complementary color. This contrast will make your yellow home less oppressive while helping both colors stand out and maximize your curb appeal.

Other Factors to Consider

Your home’s current paint color will significantly affect what exterior brick veneer colors work for your property. For example, while yellow and gray work well together on their own, they won’t look as strong when paired with a green home. Of course, you can place brick veneers around your entire house and eliminate the existing paint color from the equation. However, if you’re intent on leaving some paint exposed, be sure to factor it into what brick veneers you select.

You’ll find a wide selection of high-quality exterior brick veneer colors in many projessional masonry companies. The expert masonry contractors Chicago will be ready to upgrade your home the way you want it, in any color you’ll choose.